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Our septic tank installation in the Warrnambool region is cost effective for residential, industrial and commercial properties. We provide exceptional service during our installation process, and we can install septic systems in difficult or environmentally sensitive areas, while meeting even the most stringent regulations and requirements.


If your septic system isn’t maintained, you run the risk of potentially dangerous and costly system failures. Septic systems do have an operational lifetime and will eventually need to be replaced. Some problems to look out for:
*Sinks and Toilets backing up
*Unusual smells coming from the septic area.
*Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system.
*Sewage or water pooling near the septic tank.

Call us today you need a professional septic company like BWT Plumbing so don't delay for scheduled and emergency septic servicing .

Septic Systems & Tanks


We conduct a quarterly inspection of all brands of septic systems and tanks. If needed this includes checking and replacing air filters, replacement of chlorine, sprinkler tests, mandatory water tests, air level tests, general cleaning of the aerator box and replacement of any of the electrical components if needed.

Local service Agent

At BWT Plumbing we service and conduct regular servicing of all types of waste water septic systems and tanks. We are proud to be the local Warrnambool service agent for Eco-Septic who are the designers and Australian manufacturer of Econocycle products and spare parts. Eco-Septic has been in operation since 1999 and has been involved in the production of the famous Econocycle Septic Tanks and Waste Water solutions since 1988. For the servicing of all types of waste water systems call the team at BWT Plumbing who are local to the Warrnambool Region.

Our Services

Residential Grey Water Treatment Systems

We offer modern aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) to perform superior wastewater processing. These are an environmentally-friendly alternative to septic tanks where waste is digested by naturally-occurring bacteria. Read on to find out how AWTS could work for you.

Pump wells

Pump wells are designed to temporarily hold black or grey water which can be pumped to a higher location or other area for disposal. Our pump wells are manufactured from Rototuff™ polyethylene powder, the Eco-Septic pump well is durable and easy to handle for installation.

Home Sewage Treatment Plants

Domestic waster water systems purify solid waste water. Our systems are tough, reliable and cost effective. We help with your design so it meets your needs, helps with council applications, work with you on EPA approvals and make sure all paperwork is in order.

Commercial Waste water Systems

We provide standard, decentralised, and custom-designed solutions that can reliably deliver clean water to commercial clients. Our wastewater systems are used for safe discharge into the environment, or reuse for irrigation or industrial purposes.

Domestic Treatment Plants

Our Domestic Treatment plants are made here in Australia and can be delivered and installed on your property whether your close to town or out on rural land. Our domestic treatment plants are made of concrete and withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Waste Water Treatment

The Executive is an light weight treatment plant based on the tried and proven ECO-SEPTIC technology. Using the same treatment process that can be found in our complete range of treatment plants, the ‘Executive’ gives you proven reliability and performance and thousands of satisfied customers to back it up.


Collection Wells

At BWT Plumbing our our collection wells are used for sewage management and are normally aggregating wells. These collection wells allow sewer drainage to gravitate to a central point before pumping to a higher elevation sewer main, or other discharge point or a treatment device. They are used to hold effluent when it cannot be disposed of in an evapo-transpiration field. These tanks collect effluent that overflows from a septic tank and store it for pump out by a septic tanker.

Subsurface Irrigation Systems

At BWT Plumbing we specialise in subsurface irrigation systems Subsurface irrigation uses a network of polyethylene pipes located just under the ground's surface to apply disinfected effluent in the root zone of plants, preventing airborne drift and minimising runoff. Subsurface irrigation requires less maintenance than surface irrigation, and there is also less chance of surface saturation. By reducing the chance of human contact, it also significantly reduces the public health risks.

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